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I want men to reclaim their essential self, discover their purpose, and find their tribe. Drawing on two decades of experience working with individuals I help guide you to the answers you’ve been looking for. We’ll work together to get you confidently meeting life on your terms.

Let’s do this.

 “Tribe isn’t optional for most men. It’s life and death.”


You found us. You’re in the right place. You can take a deep breath.

Hey I’m Rainier Wylde! I started this community because I NEEDED a tribe of men to be authentic with and to boldly take risks in designing how we wanted to live—how to be undomesticated and meet life on our own terms.

I help you take ownership of your life, empowering you to live confidently from your essential self. I teach, facilitate, write, and mentor men-one-on-one as they explore the masculine journey and heartful living. I bring everything I have to the table, and I have lived many past lives including those of pastor, professor, psycho-therapist and spiritual director.

I’m not going to bullshit you. I have founded communities and blown them up. I have made big money and lost it.  I have struggled with loss, addiction, authentic connection, and the long term effects of living with profound wounds. All of this has enabled me to deep dive into the work of being a man and coming to terms with who I am and what my purpose is.


Get authentic. Imagine. Risk. Be the man you were born to be. 



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