I believe that we should be the hero in our story. But you can’t actually step into the real hero’s journey until you’ve experienced setbacks, encountered resistance, or confronted your own shadow. Do you want more out of life? You don’t have to burn out or blow up, in order to live the life you want. The reality is that You need to find what thrills you again; you need to remember what matters. You get to be the hero not because of your “steady string of wins” but because of what you did in response to the losses and the failures. I’m here to remind you that your story isn’t over yet Men. The ordeal comes before the reward. Become the person you’re capable of.

Men are being hit from every direction. We’re being quarantined, sedated, diminished, and talked down to. But we want more than that—we were made for more. I often say that we were meant to live “wild and free.” What do I mean by that? Each one of us has a unique gift that we were meant to give, but we can’t as long as our mind is caged by conditioning. If we’re ever going to be the man we know we are called to be we have to break free from that prison, explore new horizons, and chart a new course.


I know exactly what you’re feeling.

You’re numb. But, under that—if you’re honest—you feel powerless and stuck.

You’re tired of working a job you can’t stand, to pay for bills you didn’t create, for kids you barely see, and a partner you don’t really know any more.

My name is Rainier Wylde, and I’ve been there; right where you are today.

Not only that but I’ve worked with enough men across the last 15 years to have seen it all—and believe me, it’s not all pretty.

Most men in mid-life feel stuck, powerless and not in control.

I work with these men to help them develop skills and strategies so they can get life back on their own terms so that they can be confident, clear and connected.



Men, I know you want to take control of your life.

In order to do that, you need someone to help you develop skills and strategies. The problem is that you feel short on just about everything—time, energy, focus and money which makes you feel powerless, misunderstood and buried.

I believe that you should be able to live the life that you want. I’ve been in your shoes. I’ve been frustrated. I’m blown my life up. And I found a way out. I’m proud to say that I have worked with hundreds of men for thousands of hours to help them turn their lives around and take their next steps.

So here’s how we do it:

  1. Work Together with Me

  2. We create a plan and you begin to chart a new course.

  3. Live confidently on your own terms.

So, let’s work together to steer your ship in a new direction. Or, if you’re not quite ready to make that leap yet—why not schedule a free call so we can connect deeper and find out if this a good fit?


Begin to live wild and free







As men we face daily challenges—nobody gets that more than I do. We need to have a strong sense of identity, rooted in purpose, and grounded in real brotherhood with other men. The problem is that we often lack the necessary components for that life. So we coast along, doing the best that we can, but ultimately gravity wears us out. I understand that process better than most and I help men navigate those experiences to become the kind of man they want to be.


  • uncover your essential self

  • challenge your conditioning

  • turn off the outside noise and to be present

  • re-consider habits and what’s effective

  • explore archetypes

  • activate new ways of being YOU

  • clarify your life’s mission and goals

  • educate your core awarenesses

Working with me helps this way:

  • reconnect to your sense of self

  • find your core “WHY”

  • re-negotiate your values & priorities

  • live with new found freedom

  • identify road blocks and blow them up

  • develop a life plan

  • understand archetypes, and begin shadow work

  • discover how to build deeper relationships