At some point, even the most courageous, adventurous and determined among us run out of steam.

And as we look back, its hard to remember how the hell we made it so far in the first place. Nobody showed us. Nobody was around to mentor us or guide us. We just figured it out. But if we’re honest—all that fire and fury, it settled, or maybe WE settled.

The job got boring. The friends left or if they stayed. The romance died. You feel it—right?

You were domesticated. The wildness and freedom just sort of, evaporated…didn’t it?


Look, I’m not going to BS you like some coaches. I’ve made big money, and I’ve lost it. I’ve started communities, and I’ve blown them up. I’ve loved large, and lost at times. I’ve struggled with addiction, loss, and living with an unconfronted shadow. Mostly I hid my pain under a mask of achievement.

My star was rising—a successful spiritual teacher, a well liked educator, a director in the non-profit world, a respected therapist, and a family man. These were certainly TRUE parts of me but they concealed my sense of isolation and loneliness. I wanted something—anything—to fill the void. Have you been there? Numbing out to steer clear of having to face painful realities. Trying, desperately to cover over wounds that seemed un-healable.

My wake up call came in the form of being confronted by feedback I couldn’t ignore. It was like the whole universe was saying it was time to deal with the parts of myself that I had desperately avoided. Life was demanding that I learn the skill of radical authenticity and equally remember the importance of finding a tribe.

I took the steps to repair my relationships that I could, and make amends for my wrongs.I began to work with my hands and make my way in the world. One by one I was fortunate enough to find my TRIBE, to piece together my clan of loyal friends and true men. They taught me what it meant to have honor, how to be strong and courageous, and re-gave me a sense of mastery.

Guess what—those failures have made me a better man. Today I show up as a father, a partner, a lover, a provider, and a friend. From that place of hard won wisdom and fiercely fought for honor, I’m committed to mentoring men, such as yourself, who want to do the work and find the gold.


Bottom line—I help you re-discover who you are, where you’re going, and who is going with you.

Having lived many past lives as a successful entrepreneur, a psychotherapist, a professor of psychology, and a spiritual director, my primary focus these days (when I’m not interviewing men for my podcast LOST MAN STANDING) is helping men like YOU take practical steps towards re-connecting with your essential self, defining your sense of purpose, and building your tribe—all of which gives you the ability to live an empowered, independent, and joyful life.

I mentor a select number of men as they go through life transitions. If it seems right, and my story resonates with yours, let’s connect. You can go to my instagram or twitter.Send me a direct email, or schedule a time to talk together about your next steps!




I hold a MA in Community Counseling & Psychology, I’m a Certified Vocational Specialist, and am a Certified CBT Life Coach. I have been extensively trained in Eastern mindfulness, Western contemplative practice, and the art of Socratic questioning. I’ve spent literally thousands of hours professionally interacting with men in all different stages of life—from spiritual seekers wanting training in being present, to men scrambling to get their lives pieced back together; from businessmen craving to have the keys to success to world-weary travelers trying to find healing and hope.

But that’s not good enough…

Here’s why—because you deserve to live wild & free. You are worth the investment in a seasoned and experienced Mentor & Coach. Someone who knows what the hell they’re doing because they’ve been where you’re standing and have pulled themselves clear. You’re dealing with real life stuff—you deserve to have someone who’s more than just theory or inexperience. You should get to have the life that you want.

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