One of the things I am most passionate about is interacting with real men REAL TIME. Whether its speaking about men’s issues, facilitating a workshop around identity and purpose, or helping men build and design a tribe—these are all things in my wheel house! Check out what I’m participating in or putting together below!



Stereo Type - Using the Enneagram in Relationships

Sunday, March 24th 6-8pm

ENSO Winery - 1416 SE Stark Street, Portland, Oregon 97214 - No Cost to Attend

Why do our partners get under our skin as much as they do? Why do we get stuck in the same old relating patterns? How do we learn to understand each other more and break out of the cycles that keep us static?

Relationships are possibly the most rewarding and the most baffling aspect of our lives. Its easy to know some one deeply and to still feel as though we don't get them at all. Often those confusing and frustrating places are where we experience most of the wounding in our partnerships. It’s clear that the better we know each other, the more satisfying our relationships can be.

We're going to be using the ancient and cutting-edge personality-typing tool—The Enneagram—to explore important psychological and spiritual aspects of what it means to be in relationship. By learning about one another's strengths and stressors we can better adapt and develop together. 

Together my partner, a Marriage, Couples, and Family Therapist, and I explore playful and insightful ways to relate, get along and understand each other by drawing on their own story and a wealth of practical knowledge. 

Be ready to see your relationships through a whole new lens!


Release the Beast—Creating Your Destiny

Sunday, April 21, 6-8pm

ENSO Winery - 1416 SE Stark Street, Portland, Oregon 97214 - No Cost to Attend

You’re feeling disconnected with yourself or frustrated about your situation. You feel stuck. Off your path. And somehow simultaneously overwhelmed and underwhelmed by life. Maybe you’re craving something more, but you’re not sure what that actually looks like. Perhaps it’s been building for a while or it suddenly hit you —The real world? Being happy? Accomplishing anything that feels meaningful? Just making it through the day with a sense of humor and your self-worth intact?

It’s harder than you thought it would be.

And a lot of the time, you’re not sure if anyone else gets it. Because nobody is talking about it. And they’re definitely not posting about it on Instagram. Be one of the men who boldly charts a new course by working directly with ME, and using time tested change technologies to flip the switch, make the turn, and do the heavy lifting.

This is a workshop where we dive deep into discovering your essential self, create your destiny, and UNLEASH THE BEAST that you have the potential to be.

I’m going to be bringing together Eastern mysticism, Western psychology, and good old ‘Merican self-help and ingenuity. This is a no-holds-bard breakthrough working group! Don’t miss it.


I also speak at events and gatherings put on by ordinary world changers and men just like you. If your group would like to book me please reach out and connect! Let’s build tribe together!

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