Is there life before death?

 You’ve wondered this haven’t you? Not that you’ve used these words—but when you’ve had that feeling, “Is there something that I’m missing?”

And if you’ve gone through a breakup, a divorce, gotten fired, or experienced a sudden loss you are DEFINITELY feeling the burn…you KNOW there’s something wrong.

You’re right. There is something missing.

Or, maybe you’re craving something more, but you’re not sure what that actually looks like.

Perhaps it’s been building for a while or it suddenly hit you —

The real world? Being happy? Accomplishing anything that feels meaningful? Just making it through the day with a sense of humor and your self-worth intact?

Fuck. It’s harder than you thought it would be.

And a lot of the time, you’re not sure if anyone else gets it. Because nobody is talking about it. And they’re definitely not posting about it on Instagram.

I can assure you brother—there IS life before death, you were made to experience it at its fullest…AND YES, there is definitely something you can do about it.


living the life you WANT is truly REVOLUTIONARY

I believe that men are mostly living the life they feel they SHOULD be, and not the life they WANT. There’s a huge difference, and I hear it all the time.

This course is a 6 week journey about re/discovering yourself and being born anew. In ancient times they called this process an INITIATION (you can read more of what I’ve written on this subject HERE). It was an intense an immersive self-creation experience where guidance, discipline, and direct intervention helped facilitate a full member of a tribe.

Since 2008 I’ve been honing my craft with hundreds of men. I’ve been a spiritual teacher, an educator, a skills trainer, a psychotherapist, and a group leader. I have first hand had the honor of helping and healing men, just like you, as they go through this radical process of learning who they are and what they are about.

INITIATION is an inspired mash-up of behavioral change techniques, Western & Eastern spiritual practices, skills training, vocational coaching, men’s psychology and general kick assery — within-depth writing prompts, refined exploration tools, steps towards freedom and loads of practical insight.

This is a mentorship program helping you define who you are, why you’re here, and what you’re really about. Why? So that you can live life confidently and on your own terms. Look—time is passing too quickly to NOT take the leap and BE the man you’re born to be.

What’s included!


42 Days of Inspiration

 Every day for six weeks you’ll receive an email directly from me. I’ll be letting you know about that specific week’s steps as you go through INITIATION, and offering a daily spring board for you to journal about.

Yeah—that’s 42 points of interaction for you to find your inner-wisdom.


That’s easy—we’ve been using the written word for about 7,000 years to help gain insight into who we are, and what we’re about. Today we even have a fancy name for it: LOGOS THERAPY.

I find that people who participate in THIS part of the process actually get the most out of all the rest. They’re better prepared to handle what comes next in INITIATION


Drawing on transformational technologies from various wisdom traditions, the coaching world, and western psychological change practices, I give you 14 in-depth assignments to bring you into the experience of who you are and what you really want.

We navigate the tricky terrain of discovering your true values and get beyond the bullshit that others have been putting on you your whole life.

The goal of these challenges is to take everything we are going to be learning and apply it to all of your life, not just this one part.

I couldn’t recommend this element more.


Once a week, for 90 minutes, you and I will be having a radical conversation where you get to be YOU. Drawing together all the work that you’ve been doing through out the week, and the parts of yourself that the challenges have awoken, we will press the re-set button and give you a new lease on life.

These weekly ZOOM calls are powerful and direct motivational sessions in which I bring all my available resources together to get you towards your goals. But be warned—I rarely can get through a session without drawing on visualizations, swearing like a sailor, or breaking down in gut wrenching laughter.

This isn’t a stale process. This is a fucking birthing. No—it’s an old world initiation where you go from STUCK in the MUD to HERO in the MOMENT. Seriously. In this mentorship journey, I help excavate everything that has been waiting to be uncovered. I couldn’t be more excited.