Man, Uncivilized w/ Traver Boehm

Traver Boehm is a barbarian—living half way between The Wild and The Culture at large. He is leading a charge to invite men into balance where they become “dangerous but not a danger.” In this awesome episode Traver, former MMA fighter, acupuncturist, surfer, meditation practitioner, group facilitator, and author, shares his conviction about the need to “heal the masculine” and for men to reclaim their authentic self.

Reinventing the Self w/ Jack Donovan

Rainier sets down with author, speaker, and controversial figure Jack Donovan to talk about where his work is taking him today. They discuss paganism, its relationship to Christianity, the tactile virtues of masculinity, the process of reinvention, ritual and myth, conscious change, and how to “write like a man.”

Getting Naked with Troy Casey, The Certified Health Nut

Troy Casey may be the most interesting man on the planet. Former Versace Model turned fitness guru, advocate for planetary healing and restoration, and Men’s Tribal leader—this man’s story reads like a novel. I found him down to earth, warm hearted and deeply inspiring. Don’t miss this talk exploring everything from the banking system to fitness to being a father and going through divorce in conscious ways.

The Conscious Locker Room with Tully O'Connor

Tully O’Connor, is a leading Australian personal development coach, men’s worker and host of The Conscious Locker Room, both a podcast and a “collaborative ecosystem designed to help men thrive in all areas of their life.” In this episode Rainier and Tully talk about the re-awakening of the Sacred Masculine in Australia, the significance of environment in personal development, the shadow side of teachers, tantra, and much more.

"The Enneagram is F*cked: Shedding Your Ego" with Ryan Sharp

In this episode Rainier Wylde puts his head together with spiritual guide and coach Ryan Sharp to talk about the personality typing system The Enneagram. Together they offer a unique perspective drawn from long standing insight and practice utilizing this tool for transformative work. They cover the history, intent, and use of the Enneagram, as well as go through the 9-types of personality points. If you are interested in self-mastery or personality typing systems, this is for you!

Episode 36--Men at Work with Travis Streb

Rainier connects with executive coach, men’s group facilitator, and host of the podcast Men At Work, Travis Streb today! It’s a great show talking about waking up to your need for other men, and Tribe, learning to see your blind spots, and interrupting old cycles. We talk about how work, sports, and “purpose” can all become masks for avoiding dealing with the real issues in your life. Don’t miss this fantastic show!

Episode 34--Being the Man

This is a solo Rainier edition. We catch up on life, Tribe, and what it means to “Be the Man.” This is very vulnerable episode where Rainier talks about the transformative work for him, as well as how character is formed from a spiritual and psychological perspective. Rainier challenges men to show up in their lives fully, and interacting deeply with who they are and their purpose. Don’t miss this.

Episode 33--Dark Night of the Soul

I sit down with Joel De Jong—a life long entrepreneur, a scholar, an adventurer, a mystic, and a genuinely beautiful human being. You may know him from being one of the innovators behind Cheasty Greenspace,  the largest contiguous forest in the Rainier Valley set in the urban corridor there in Seattle near his families home. He’s also a musician and a singer, coordinating an exciting new project called Crowd Sourced Choir, which is dedicated to restoring collective singing as a core cultural compentency.

Our conversation centers on “The Dark Night of the Soul” in his own life, and the way of decent, in which Joel lost many of the things he believed were crucial to his identity, and ultimately discovered his most essential self, and highest purpose. This is a powerful interview relating to a man who is a turn-around artist and warrior of the soul. Check it out!

Episode 32--The Undaunted Life with Kyle Thompson

Rainier sits down with Kyle Thompson, who makes his living as a pastor, but is quite unlike any that we’ve ever met. He’s may be a lover not a fighter…but he’s a fighter too… Working with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, leading dangerous book clubs, and encouraging men to not only be spiritual but deeply physical too, he pushes the limits of what comes to mind when you think of, when you think of Christian. This was an intellectually invigorating conversation, filled with plenty of laughs, and also some great sparks. Don’t miss it.

Episode 31--Blessed Are the Weird

Rainier sits down with author, facilitator, and coach Jacob Nordby to talk about a wide range of issues. They share stories of mid-life turning points, the difficulty men have in accessing creativity, the need for deep transformational work, and how being an artist is the work of every man.

Episode 30--The Heart Centered Man

Rainier gets a chance to talk with ecologist, resiliency coach, and men’s worker Devin Fredericksen. They explore permaculture principles, environmental concerns, sexuality, polarity between the Masculine and Feminine, and about how to be a heart centered man. He is a fascinating guest with great thoughts around sustainability, community and connecting with the Masculine. Check it out.

Episode 29--Big Adventure

In this episode Rainier sits down and talks with mountaineer, explorer, facilitator, father and all around great guy, Matt Walker, about a number of topics near and dear to both of them. Matt brings together a background of psychology and high adventure in an unique program pushing individuals to find their purpose and take steps towards it. They explore Masculine and Feminine archetypes, mountain climbing, how change happens, the importance of adventure and risk, and have a damned good time. You’d hardly know they weren’t huddled around a fire sipping whisky and smoking cigars.

Episode 27--Catching Up with Rainier

In this episode Rainier catches us up with all the things he’s been up to lately. Follows up on the adventures he had in North Carolina recently, talks about biological warfare, southern gigolo’s, connecting with Tripp Fuller (of Home-brewed Christianity fame), snoring, wet-hands, checking for cancer, and why the quest to become an alpha is ridiculous. We also chat about the importance of radical acceptance as men, and how to gracefully dive when we’re making a fall….so many things to catch up on! Check it out!

The Session 1: Communication

This is an episode called THE SESSION where Rainier Wylde takes a practical skills based approach to issues men deal with. We focus on building mastery, being present in your day to day life, connecting to a deeper sense of self, and developing tribe. Today we talk about communication skills! Rainier discusses ineffective communication, evaluates the levels of dialog, and then invites us to use proactive skills.

Episode 26--Climb Trees, Lift Stones, Kick Ass

Jody Kennedy is a men’s fitness expert, a movement specialist, and an ancestral health guru. Out of his home base in Dublin, Ireland he is building tribes of men who are re-discovering what it means to be embodied beings in nature as a part of the modern world. We have a great conversation about being “civilized to death,” the impact of plant medicine, connecting with emotions, learning how to become a modern caveman, living a disciplined life, and being the healthiest version of self. Check it out!

Episode 25--Holiday Survival Guide

In this episode Rainier gifts all of us with a Survival Guide in getting through the perils and opportunities of the holiday’s. We talk about how to be triggered and still make it out with our sanity intact. The ideas and skills that are taught in this episode will help you navigate the storms that so easily arise in the moment surrounded by those close to us. We cover emotion regulation skills, distress tolerance, and how to radically accept reality as it is so that you can transform the moment! You won’t want to miss this super practical and applicable episode.

Episode 24--The State of Education

Stewart G. is on the podcast today. He is an educator, a father and husband, a man who has some profound and interesting perspectives and is not afraid to share those. He also makes a damn good Manhattan (and Old Fashion for that matter). He came on and we talked about absolutely everything under the sun from life-span development, to what the hell is going on with the state of education today, to what makes a successful child as they enter and prepare for adulthood, and so much more. We also geek out on making craft blended drinks, our mutual hatred of poodles, and being parents to inquisitive and curious kids! It’s a long-form conversation, but well worth the listen.

Episode 23--Grey Beard Runs

In this episode Rainier is joined by Gordon Collier, the real man behind “Move Your Ass” Nation. You may have known him as instagram sensation “greybeardrunz” or know him from his dynamite daily podcast Quotely. He is a fascinating brother-in-arms who has been through it all: identity struggles, failure, divorce, remarriage, finding what really matters to him, and through it all maintaining the things that are of deep purpose, his family and devotion to his faith-life. This conversation goes many places and he drops a lot of solid gold shit for men at all stages. You won’t want to miss it.