Episode 20--An Unshakable Life

In this podcast Rainer interviews Mike Sagun, men’s coach and group leader, who works with individuals to build what he calls “an unshakable life.” Mike is a powerful presence and delivers great content about building tribes of men, men’s emotions, the differences between cyber and in-person groups, the dangers of social media (AND CALLS FOR REGULAR SOCIAL MEDIA FASTS!!!!), and living with intentionality.

Episode 16--Feelings Aren't Facts

“I’m just being authentic!” or “Just follow your heart” are conventional pop-psychological wisdom. And it’s honestly just bad advice. In this episode Rainer talks about the dangers of being reactionary, why folks who aren’t easily offended are much happier, how culture emphasizes and conditions us towards outrage, and why listening to your “gut” isn’t always effective. We also continue to explore the nature of emotions, and this time get into what the “will” actually is, and how it plays out!