life coaching

Episode 20--An Unshakable Life

In this podcast Rainer interviews Mike Sagun, men’s coach and group leader, who works with individuals to build what he calls “an unshakable life.” Mike is a powerful presence and delivers great content about building tribes of men, men’s emotions, the differences between cyber and in-person groups, the dangers of social media (AND CALLS FOR REGULAR SOCIAL MEDIA FASTS!!!!), and living with intentionality.

Episode 19--Cha-Cha-Changes!!

In this episode Rainer is joined by returning guest and long time friend of the show Ryan Lee Sharp, entrepreneur, artist, and coach, who is helping people find a way to their life worth living. They navigate a lot of terrain such as the differences between psychotherapy and coaching, as well as Rainer making a robust critique of the counseling industrial complex. They talk about various disciplines and modalities of therapy, and finally about archetypes, as it relates to women and men charting a course forward. This is show chalk full of laughter, intrigue, and wisdom. Don’t miss it!