Man, Uncivilized w/ Traver Boehm

Traver Boehm is a barbarian—living half way between The Wild and The Culture at large. He is leading a charge to invite men into balance where they become “dangerous but not a danger.” In this awesome episode Traver, former MMA fighter, acupuncturist, surfer, meditation practitioner, group facilitator, and author, shares his conviction about the need to “heal the masculine” and for men to reclaim their authentic self.

Episode 33--Dark Night of the Soul

I sit down with Joel De Jong—a life long entrepreneur, a scholar, an adventurer, a mystic, and a genuinely beautiful human being. You may know him from being one of the innovators behind Cheasty Greenspace,  the largest contiguous forest in the Rainier Valley set in the urban corridor there in Seattle near his families home. He’s also a musician and a singer, coordinating an exciting new project called Crowd Sourced Choir, which is dedicated to restoring collective singing as a core cultural compentency.

Our conversation centers on “The Dark Night of the Soul” in his own life, and the way of decent, in which Joel lost many of the things he believed were crucial to his identity, and ultimately discovered his most essential self, and highest purpose. This is a powerful interview relating to a man who is a turn-around artist and warrior of the soul. Check it out!

Episode 31--Blessed Are the Weird

Rainier sits down with author, facilitator, and coach Jacob Nordby to talk about a wide range of issues. They share stories of mid-life turning points, the difficulty men have in accessing creativity, the need for deep transformational work, and how being an artist is the work of every man.

Episode 30--The Heart Centered Man

Rainier gets a chance to talk with ecologist, resiliency coach, and men’s worker Devin Fredericksen. They explore permaculture principles, environmental concerns, sexuality, polarity between the Masculine and Feminine, and about how to be a heart centered man. He is a fascinating guest with great thoughts around sustainability, community and connecting with the Masculine. Check it out.

Episode 11--Finding Your Purpose, Part 1

As man, if you don't know you're sense of purpose--that is your new job: finding out what your sense of purpose is. Without knowing their mission, men are functionally impotent living weak existences. How do men "evolve wild"--or truly grow into their manhood?  In short, they begin to access their essential self. This podcast begins to explore how to take your first steps into knowing what your purpose or mission is. Listen to this podcast--get to the end for a very important assignment that will help you move forward effectively.