men's health

Episode 36--Men at Work with Travis Streb

Rainier connects with executive coach, men’s group facilitator, and host of the podcast Men At Work, Travis Streb today! It’s a great show talking about waking up to your need for other men, and Tribe, learning to see your blind spots, and interrupting old cycles. We talk about how work, sports, and “purpose” can all become masks for avoiding dealing with the real issues in your life. Don’t miss this fantastic show!

The Session 1: Communication

This is an episode called THE SESSION where Rainier Wylde takes a practical skills based approach to issues men deal with. We focus on building mastery, being present in your day to day life, connecting to a deeper sense of self, and developing tribe. Today we talk about communication skills! Rainier discusses ineffective communication, evaluates the levels of dialog, and then invites us to use proactive skills.

Episode 26--Climb Trees, Lift Stones, Kick Ass

Jody Kennedy is a men’s fitness expert, a movement specialist, and an ancestral health guru. Out of his home base in Dublin, Ireland he is building tribes of men who are re-discovering what it means to be embodied beings in nature as a part of the modern world. We have a great conversation about being “civilized to death,” the impact of plant medicine, connecting with emotions, learning how to become a modern caveman, living a disciplined life, and being the healthiest version of self. Check it out!