men's podcast

Episode 34--Being the Man

This is a solo Rainier edition. We catch up on life, Tribe, and what it means to “Be the Man.” This is very vulnerable episode where Rainier talks about the transformative work for him, as well as how character is formed from a spiritual and psychological perspective. Rainier challenges men to show up in their lives fully, and interacting deeply with who they are and their purpose. Don’t miss this.

Episode 32--The Undaunted Life with Kyle Thompson

Rainier sits down with Kyle Thompson, who makes his living as a pastor, but is quite unlike any that we’ve ever met. He’s may be a lover not a fighter…but he’s a fighter too… Working with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, leading dangerous book clubs, and encouraging men to not only be spiritual but deeply physical too, he pushes the limits of what comes to mind when you think of, when you think of Christian. This was an intellectually invigorating conversation, filled with plenty of laughs, and also some great sparks. Don’t miss it.

Episode 30--The Heart Centered Man

Rainier gets a chance to talk with ecologist, resiliency coach, and men’s worker Devin Fredericksen. They explore permaculture principles, environmental concerns, sexuality, polarity between the Masculine and Feminine, and about how to be a heart centered man. He is a fascinating guest with great thoughts around sustainability, community and connecting with the Masculine. Check it out.