men's work

Man, Uncivilized w/ Traver Boehm

Traver Boehm is a barbarian—living half way between The Wild and The Culture at large. He is leading a charge to invite men into balance where they become “dangerous but not a danger.” In this awesome episode Traver, former MMA fighter, acupuncturist, surfer, meditation practitioner, group facilitator, and author, shares his conviction about the need to “heal the masculine” and for men to reclaim their authentic self.

"The Enneagram is F*cked: Shedding Your Ego" with Ryan Sharp

In this episode Rainier Wylde puts his head together with spiritual guide and coach Ryan Sharp to talk about the personality typing system The Enneagram. Together they offer a unique perspective drawn from long standing insight and practice utilizing this tool for transformative work. They cover the history, intent, and use of the Enneagram, as well as go through the 9-types of personality points. If you are interested in self-mastery or personality typing systems, this is for you!

Episode 36--Men at Work with Travis Streb

Rainier connects with executive coach, men’s group facilitator, and host of the podcast Men At Work, Travis Streb today! It’s a great show talking about waking up to your need for other men, and Tribe, learning to see your blind spots, and interrupting old cycles. We talk about how work, sports, and “purpose” can all become masks for avoiding dealing with the real issues in your life. Don’t miss this fantastic show!

Episode 34--Being the Man

This is a solo Rainier edition. We catch up on life, Tribe, and what it means to “Be the Man.” This is very vulnerable episode where Rainier talks about the transformative work for him, as well as how character is formed from a spiritual and psychological perspective. Rainier challenges men to show up in their lives fully, and interacting deeply with who they are and their purpose. Don’t miss this.

Episode 20--An Unshakable Life

In this podcast Rainer interviews Mike Sagun, men’s coach and group leader, who works with individuals to build what he calls “an unshakable life.” Mike is a powerful presence and delivers great content about building tribes of men, men’s emotions, the differences between cyber and in-person groups, the dangers of social media (AND CALLS FOR REGULAR SOCIAL MEDIA FASTS!!!!), and living with intentionality.