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Episode 33--Dark Night of the Soul

I sit down with Joel De Jong—a life long entrepreneur, a scholar, an adventurer, a mystic, and a genuinely beautiful human being. You may know him from being one of the innovators behind Cheasty Greenspace,  the largest contiguous forest in the Rainier Valley set in the urban corridor there in Seattle near his families home. He’s also a musician and a singer, coordinating an exciting new project called Crowd Sourced Choir, which is dedicated to restoring collective singing as a core cultural compentency.

Our conversation centers on “The Dark Night of the Soul” in his own life, and the way of decent, in which Joel lost many of the things he believed were crucial to his identity, and ultimately discovered his most essential self, and highest purpose. This is a powerful interview relating to a man who is a turn-around artist and warrior of the soul. Check it out!

Episode 27--Catching Up with Rainier

In this episode Rainier catches us up with all the things he’s been up to lately. Follows up on the adventures he had in North Carolina recently, talks about biological warfare, southern gigolo’s, connecting with Tripp Fuller (of Home-brewed Christianity fame), snoring, wet-hands, checking for cancer, and why the quest to become an alpha is ridiculous. We also chat about the importance of radical acceptance as men, and how to gracefully dive when we’re making a fall….so many things to catch up on! Check it out!

Episode 21--Why Mission Matters

In this important episode Rainer and his returning guest Drew explore the significance of men having a sense of mission. They clarify the difference between “mission” and “purpose” and also explore why it’s necessary for a man to experience both of these. Drew shares intimately about the challenges of securing mission, and Rainer explores how living disconnected from greater purpose has caused havoc in his own life and those of others. Besides all this they talk about Krav Maga self-defense, strength training, honor culture and relating to the divine feminine. It’s a super packed episode with lots of fun!

Episode 19--Cha-Cha-Changes!!

In this episode Rainer is joined by returning guest and long time friend of the show Ryan Lee Sharp, entrepreneur, artist, and coach, who is helping people find a way to their life worth living. They navigate a lot of terrain such as the differences between psychotherapy and coaching, as well as Rainer making a robust critique of the counseling industrial complex. They talk about various disciplines and modalities of therapy, and finally about archetypes, as it relates to women and men charting a course forward. This is show chalk full of laughter, intrigue, and wisdom. Don’t miss it!