Reinventing the Self w/ Jack Donovan

Rainier sets down with author, speaker, and controversial figure Jack Donovan to talk about where his work is taking him today. They discuss paganism, its relationship to Christianity, the tactile virtues of masculinity, the process of reinvention, ritual and myth, conscious change, and how to “write like a man.”

Episode 19--Cha-Cha-Changes!!

In this episode Rainer is joined by returning guest and long time friend of the show Ryan Lee Sharp, entrepreneur, artist, and coach, who is helping people find a way to their life worth living. They navigate a lot of terrain such as the differences between psychotherapy and coaching, as well as Rainer making a robust critique of the counseling industrial complex. They talk about various disciplines and modalities of therapy, and finally about archetypes, as it relates to women and men charting a course forward. This is show chalk full of laughter, intrigue, and wisdom. Don’t miss it!