A Re-Wilding Event

This is an event for men who long to connect with other men, to feel the bonds of sacred brotherhood, to experience a deep re-union with your sense of self and ancestral wisdom. Its aimed at bringing wholeness to mind, body, spirit, and community. As men, its important to have convocations where we can allow ourselves to be authentic, to learn, and to test our own self. We’re drawing on years of group facilitation, teaching, play, and active engagement around community. This is hardly a first go…it culminates decades of dedicated mastery.

Here’s what you can look forward to:

  • Primal movement

  • Inspired and interactiveTeaching

  • Relational yoga and authentic connection

  • Dynamic meditation

  • Play & Friendly Competition

  • Ancestral skill sharing

  • Instruction in mindfulness, contemplation, and other forms of “presencing”

  • A hell of a lot of fun

Space will be limited to 30 men and will be first come/first serve. We will be unrolling more details in the coming months. However, by filling out this online interest form, I will guarantee you a tentative spot.

Let me know if you’re interested…

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