Initiation-ReDiscovering Your Identity


Initiation-ReDiscovering Your Identity


6 Week Coaching Package

Evolving Wild INITIATION is designed as a huge reset button for any men going through a transition. Mid-Life? Lost your job? Newly single? Empty Nest?

In the next 6 weeks using this course and mentorship package, you will figure out WHO you are and WHY you are here.

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Initiation is a 6 week course and mentorship program for men who want more from life — more empowerment, more freedom, more fulfillment, more excitement—more of who you really ARE!

I imagine you landed on this page because you’re feeling disconnected with yourself or frustrated about your situation. You feel stuck. Off your path. And somehow simultaneously overwhelmed and underwhelmed by life.

Maybe you’re craving something more, but you’re not sure what that actually looks like.

Perhaps it’s been building for a while or it suddenly hit you —

The real world? Being happy? Accomplishing anything that feels meaningful? Just making it through the day with a sense of humor and your self-worth intact?

Fuck. It’s harder than you thought it would be.

And a lot of the time, you’re not sure if anyone else gets it. Because nobody is talking about it. And they’re definitely not posting about it on Instagram.

Be one of the men who boldly charts a new course by working directly with ME, and using time tested change technologies to flip the switch, make the turn, and do the heavy lifting.

  • WEEK ONE—Listening to Your Life

  • WEEK TWO—You’re More than What THEY’VE Told You

  • WEEK THREE—Discovering Your Values

  • WEEK FOUR—Defining Success Your Way

  • WEEK FIVE—Obstacles in the Path

  • WEEK SIX—Set Goals, Develop Habits, and Commit to Action


You’ve come to the alarming realization that “this” is not where you thought you’d be by now. “This” was supposed to make you happy, but it doesn’t. “This” causes you to cringe when the alarm goes off in the morning and you wake up with a pit of dread in your stomach. Perhaps “this” makes you feel guilty because your life looks fine on the outside, but it feels wrong on the inside.

Maybe you feel like you should be grateful for “this” and you are, but you also know there is something more or something different for you out there.

What’s Included?

  • Six weeks of journal prompts to help you delve into the real meat and potatoes of who you are and what you’re about.

    • This isn’t for the faint of heart! I’ll be writing about that week’s step and offering a daily prompt for you to journal about. That’s 42 insights from me and 42 probing questions for you to explore!

  • Six 90 minute mentorship sessions, one-on-one with me.

    • These are my chance to share my knowledge, tell stories from my own life, and support you through this process. (Fair warning — I love visualization exercises and can’t manage get through a session without belly laughing and swearing.)

    • We go deep very quickly—but I’m not trying to be your therapist! Hell no! I get into the trenches with you, problem solving, skills training, and giving direct guidance drawn from years of work with men.


    • At the end of every mentorship session I will give you an optional Real Life Assignment to help take your progress to the next level

    • You may be asked to start a conversation, to make a difficult decision, to end old relationships or start new ones. I will relentlessly push you to make your change real and practical.