Mentorship-Coaching for Coaches


Mentorship-Coaching for Coaches


Evolving Wild MENTORSHIP is coaching for coaches. In this intensive process we build new professional skills, navigate through challenging interpersonal dynamics, work through self-doubt and counter-transference, and consolidate energy around your goals. These stand-alone mentoring sessions are done via ZOOM video.

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It’s Difficult to Be a Coach

I know from my own experience how bewildering it can be when you’re attempting to work with others, when you yourself are still in process.You sometimes wonder whether you’re too late to the party and how on earth you will find the time to do all the marketing you’re “supposed” to do!

Additionally, so many new coaches doubt themselves. They feel themselves to be imposters; they doubt their ability to build a viable coaching practice. They often have a constant background tape recorder in their head feeding them a version of “You are not good enough”.

If that wasn’t bad enough there really aren’t resources for coaches to be coached beyond getting the first client! While there are many programs that help you learn marketing, branding, and the business of coaching—its difficult to actually discover interpersonal resources for navigating all the personal JUNK that can come up as a coach when you’re interacting with others.

Sadly, most coaches who start on this journey with high hopes give up on passions and are disillusioned and heartbroken. However, for those who get the right guidance, the rewards are great!

My approach to mentoring is to help you discover YOURSELF in the process of holding space for those you work with.

I am one of very few coaches who can provide a unique combination of spiritual direction, business coaching, and skills based dynamics.  I mentor coaches to help discover themselves in the process of helping their clients. That having been said, I’m no stranger to the hustle and the grind. I know website design, branding, marketing, and good business. In this sense I can shift just as easily from self-discovery & self mastery to skill building.

 My approach is refreshingly different, hype-free, realistic and effective. I’m a real person with over 15 years of experience in spiritual direction, psychology, and mentorship. I’ve built my own practice organically and am not a silver-tongued marketer, appealing to “vulnerable coaches”

 I teach my mentor coaching clients, step by step; the “how to” of working with individuals, knowing themselves, and the nuts and bolts of establishing their presence as a healer.

These are the kinds of things I cover with my mentor coaching clients

  • What happens when your client is too much like you

  • How to navigate the emotions that get brought up in sessions

  • How to define your “niche” so you stand out from the crowd

  • How to discover and develop your voice

  • How to build a powerful network of collaborative partnerships

  • Establishing boundaries with your clients

  • Defining the limits of your relationships

  • Practicing care of self and discovery of self

MENTORSHIP is a stand-alone offering and the next session is scheduled at the end of the previous one. The sessions are 45-60 minutes conducted via ZOOM video.