Mind Control-4 Week Course

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Mind Control-4 Week Course


Mind Control is a 4 week course teaching techniques and practices drawn from Western psychology and Eastern wisdom traditions aimed to decrease suffering and increase happiness through greater awareness. There are 4 Online Group Coaching Calls, bi-weekly video guidance, and ongoing assignments. This is over $1000 of value.

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This is deeply experiential work that requires commitment and willingness.

The freedom that comes from this guided exploration of deeper layers of self can be profound. Release pain, emotional discomfort and challenges that have been with you for too long.

The group coaching calls are excellent opportunities for questions and direct answers, and will be conducted Online through Zoom. These will be recorded and can be viewed after the session.

Each session consists of 4 parts 1) Remembrance 2) Release 3) Absorption 4) Integration

The above process allows us to explore the fullness of your pain, fear and being. There is a wholeness that emerges from being present in this work and a new perspective is taken on what was once a deep challenge.

We move in to the heart of the issue/s and resolve it through a combination of varied modalities. I explicitly teach you these, drawing on years of practice and guidance. These include but are not limited to:

  • Self Trance

  • Breath Work

  • Reflective Praxis

  • Guided Inner Work

  • Hypnotic Techniques

  • Presence Work