Shadow Work--Integrating Your Shadow


Shadow Work--Integrating Your Shadow


Integrating your shadow and gold in order to live a life full of confidence.

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You’ve been seeing yourself casting long shadows. Your work, your relationships, even your own sense of self has taken the hit. It’s time to address what’s really going on. You can’t afford not to.

Together you and Rainier do the work that heals by facing these parts of your self that may have been rejected or discarded, but didn’t just disappear.

In this 3 Week One-On-One Process you will:

·     Discover what your shadow is and how it was born

·     Find the ways you’ve been repressing your shadow

·     Increase your clarity, perception and relating

·     Develop strategies for centering yourself

·     Cultivate Self-Awareness

·     Experience wholeness—creative freedom and confidence

You receive one-on-one attention around the places that have been neglected, hidden or obscured that are creating turmoil in your life. This is a highly focussed and deeply profound spiritual and behavioral experience. You will not be the same.

What’s Included:

Three 90 minute Zoom/Phone sessions with Rainier.

Follow up support in the form of email and text dialog as you navigate your life.

Integration tools and goal setting systems to go forward with.