Evolving Wild COUNCIL is a monthly live 90 minute for men exploring how you operate in your every day life. We look at the challenges you have as a father, husband, entrepreneur, and employee? We define the problems, refine the solutions, and apply them to your life so you can take action.

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When you or I slow down—genuinely stop the noise—things begin to happen. We start to hear the voice of inner wisdom and strength that was always there. Often times we need other men to help anchor us in that place. To help us drop down deep into our core and experience the sense of balance and freedom that comes from holding such a space. From that comes true ACTION.

I’ve helped hundreds of men over the last 10 years reconnect to their truth, refocus their efforts, and reclaim their lives through skills training, workshops, yearly goal-setting programs, intimate masterminds, and my signature mentorship program INITIATION

These Councils are my chance to offer the very best of our community in accessible, useful + inspiring evenings.

Each month we'll cover a new theme through ritual, written prompts, and time for discussion via group chat. There will most likely will be laughter, tears +fire (in some form—cause that’s what a tribe of men do). In this time we drill down to the nuts and bolts of what it means to come alive as men. Don’t miss it!

Sometimes we just need an "excuse" to take an evening to ourselves, as guys. I get it. You want to know yourself more deeply, but it's never a priority. There’s always a job to be done, a task to think about, a bill to pay, or a kiddo who needs your help. But I’m telling you that Joining us for a Council gives you 90 minutes on your calendar that are just for YOU -- whether you join us live or watch the replay.

  • You'll practice accessing your inner wisdom, so that you can bring your gifts back to your world. Slowing down (through breathwork + stillness + guided journaling) is one of the most under-rated gifts you can give yourself in this world that values productivity + hustle.

  • You'll practice radical honesty, so that you can bring connection back into your world. When you have a safe place to be vulnerable, to be a beginner, to explore topics (brave action, self-expression, spirituality, sex, money, meaning, etc) that never get brought up in your day-to-day -- you have access to connection. You connect with yourself + with others when you are brave enough to tell the truth about your life.

  • You'll practice turning inward, so that you can bring self-trust back into your world. I truly believe that you can source your own wisdom about what is right for your life + your gifts. Yet, I also know that this idea of relying on your own truth threatens the model that someone ELSE is charge -- your partner, your family, your schooling, the pro-bro’s -- so it's rarely taught. During Council, you are learning how to turn inward to examine your own feelings + opinions and build that muscle of self-trust.


A live 90 minute Council for men exploring how you operate in your every day life. Do you exhibit the tactical virtues of manhood (strength, honor, courage, mastery)"? What challenges do you have as a father, husband, entrepreneur, and employee? How does your role as a man play out in your love life, your bank account, your friendships, etc?


Any man is welcome to the Council. If you are committed to taking ownership of your life through determination and radical authenticity then this is for you.


The Council takes place every Second Tuesday at 6 pm PT | 7 pm MT | 8 pm CT | 9 pm ET online via the ZOOM Platform. You'll be watching Rainier via streaming video for 60 minutes and then will have 30 minutes for questions + chat.


$20. Registration includes worksheets, a playlist, and a reserved spot at our live Council. You also get immediate access to replay of the Council (available for a year) if it's not convenient to join us live.

Here’s the deal…this was made for men just like you!!! Let’s do this!

Ready to join up for the next one?