Evolving Wild TRIBE is for men who are tired of lone-wolfing it. They want a gang of other men watching their back, strengthening their intentions, and sharing their struggles.

TRIBE is an 8 FREE online group of men learning how to design tribe and participate together in it.

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The truth is that men have been gathering in TRIBES since before civilization began. In fact, it’s how we not only survived but eventually dominated in the Wild. We all have ancestors who clumped around a fire, beat the sacred drums, spoke their authentic truth, and steered the direction of the village for the good of those gathered.

In those tribal circles men laughed together, cried together, planned together, grieved together, and learned together. I’m sure many topics were discussed such as being fathers, intimacy, friendships, health, business, life purpose, mission finding, manhood, life, death, and much more. Today we have a scarcity of these types of experiences. That’s why we put this together!

Evolving Wild Tribe is an online brotherhood of men who meet weekly to explore our lives with focus and intention. In 8 week cycles we band with other men through ceremony, written prompts, and time for discussion via group chat. There may be mindfulness, poetry, profanity, tears, learning and an abundance of laughter.

The beauty of this time is that not only does it facilitate a deep personal experience for you, linking you with other men, but I also provide you with the tools to start new groups in your locality for those who wish to take this farther.