I believe that you are capable of greatness. In fact, I believe that your world—OUR world needs you to become everything you can be. I want to help you get there. My goal is to use every available resource I have to get you there. Words, sounds, silence, stillness…everything… Find yourself in these offerings.


As long as I can remember I've heard that men are missing something. For many years there have been rumblings about a crisis of "The Masculine."  Everywhere around it seems that men are being quarantined, medicated, apologizing or escaping. I see boys pretending to be men in gang life and men living as boys in video game world. I see the economics of despair where men can no longer provide for, or protect the ones they love.  I see an absence of initiation into manhood, void of knowing how to practically become a man, and precious few places where men can practice the ways of manhood: activeness, assertiveness, and aggression. Most of all I have seen all of these things in myself. 

I talk to men all the time who tell me that they started off strong but somewhere along the way they got tangled up and lost their bearings.

What does it mean to live with authenticity, imagination, and risk?  What does it mean to forge a tribe with other men questing for new ways of being in this world--for showing up as fathers, husbands, lovers, brothers, and sons? 

Most of all—what does it mean to be who you REALLY ARE?