Tribe isn’t optional…

For men, it’s life or death.

Men need tribes for the same reason that they’re so damned hard to find.

You might have experienced something like this in your youth. Sports. Scouts. Choir or band. Youth group. College dorm! But you had a taste—and it woke you up to what TRIBE could be…

I’m not talking about PSEUDO-COMMUNITY here. We’ve all experienced those. Accountability groups. Book clubs. Bible studies. Support groups. Those are nice. They’re entry points, for sure. But they’re not TRIBE. There are endless reasons to AVOID real, meaningful, and authentic connection with other men. Maybe you’ve been hurt in the past, or you’ve tried to have this and it hasn’t worked out like you’d hoped. All the while you drift further and further away from the very thing that your heart actually longs for—brothers who have your back, men who you know and are known by deeply.

The truth is that men have been gathering in TRIBES since before civilization began. In fact, it’s how we not only survived but eventually dominated in the Wild. We all have ancestors who clumped around a fire, beat the sacred drums, spoke their authentic truth, and steered the direction of the village for the good of those gathered. In those tribal circles men laughed together, cried together, planned together, grieved together, and learned together. I’m sure many topics were discussed such as being fathers, intimacy, friendships, health, business, life purpose, mission finding, manhood, life, death, and much more.

It’s time you started thinking about taking the next steps towards authentic connection and meaningful relationships, don’t you think? If you’re wondering what this could possibly look like, read this description of my own TRIBE of men.


you don’t have to wait to meet the “right guys” in your neighborhood. you don’t have to wait to read the book or buy the official users guide. you don’t need to hesitate any more.


 Designing your tribe!

For twenty years I have founded, participated in, been apart of, or consulted with intentional communities.

It hasn’t always been pretty either. I can honestly say we learn as much from our mistakes as we do our successes. But one thing it has taught me—people NEED HELP. We do. There’s no two ways around it. When we are designing tribes it is vital to have outside eyes, independent insights, and unifying direction that can’t be found “from within.” As Einstein said, “we cannot solve the problem with the same thinking that created it.” It is so important to get a boost on our journey towards having a gang of men!


I wanted YOU to have TWO really bad-ass experiences at the same time!

Below I’ve listed BOTH sets of experiences you’re going to have. One is real-time tribal community. It’s you and me participating fully with each other in the encounter of knowing each other and being known. The other is me pulling back the curtain and allowing you to see the tribe-design decisions I’m making, and providing you with resources to do the same in your neck of the woods.




Across the next 8 weeks you will be taking a deep dive into a brotherhood of men. This online and face-to-face group will have regular meeting times, epic in-person assignments, and experience the joys of life together with other men.

Learn to trust other men
Learn to trust yourself
Learn to reach out to other men
Be known by other men
Learn the art & science of validation
Receive valuable feedback
Share your deepest passions
Share your deepest fears
Develop Self Confidence
Develop Commitment
Know Your Mission and Purpose in Life
Learn about the masculine with others



The genius of this course is that it’s not meant to sucker you into a totally un-reproducable experience. Screw that. I want you to develop the skills and confidence to actually create in-person connection with other men in your area! You will become a master of the science of designing a tribe.

Learn the building blocks of groups
Learn to rules of facilitation
Learn to diagnose the hang-ups of communities
Learn what activities get a tribe started
Learn what activities keep a tribe going

Receive valuable guide-books for starting a men’s group
Receive one-on-one mentorship about your leadership style
Get the opportunity to receive valuable peer feedback

 What happens in TRIBE?

Wouldn’t you like to know?

Truly…wouldn’t we all? The beauty of TRIBE is that every meeting is different. We never know what will go down or what will be discussed. Not exactly…

We do follow a basic framework that is time-tested and has been used by numerous men’s groups for decades.

We start by owning who we are and what we’re bringing into the moment with us.

We then acknowledge each brother in the TRIBE.

We set our intentions—what we’re looking for out of the time we have.

Then…we experience each other. We share. We listen. We make ourselves known.

There are moments when what is shared is all fire and passion. Others where we feel broken and defeated.

Some moments we receive hard feedback. Other times we hold our brothers accountable for their actions and words.

There may be movement, mindfulness, and practical suggestions.

We may focus on specific topics like love, sex, relationships, money, jobs, time, kids, the male brain, archetypes, adventure, personal development….

AND THEN…we debrief. That’s when the magic of learning how to build tribe takes place.

How does it work?

  • A cycle of TRIBE runs for 8 weeks

  • A maximum number of 12 men will be selected for a TRIBE

  • The TRIBE is closed after the 2nd week, no new members can enter

  • There is a TRIBE meeting on each Monday of the cycle

  • The meeting takes place on ZOOM (an internet based platform)

  • Each meeting is roughly 2 hours

  • Times may vary from cycle to cycle depending on men’s locations

  • In addition to the call, resources and workbooks are sent digitally to men

  • There is one direct mentorship 30 minute call with Rainier per cycle

  • All TRIBE cycles are led and facilitated directly by Rainier

Are you ready to build your TRIBE?


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