I work with men to help them start living the life they truly WANT. I believe that for that to happen you need 3 things: To discover your sense of self, find your purpose, and build a tribe. It’s the HOLY TRINITY. You need all three…I want to help you get there, if you’re willing…


I had built a successful career in the world of psychology—working as a professor and a therapist. I thought I was really going somewhere. But the reality was that I was living with a pain, disappointment, and an undealt with shadow in my life. It looked good on the outside, but scratch just below the surface, and you’d find that I felt hollow.

Many guys who talk to me are nearing mid-life, they’re experienced, well educated, have decent paying jobs, have built something they’re proud of…but they’re staring at it all and saying: THIS IS A MESS…or THIS DOESN”T MAKE SENSE ANY MORE…or I’M SCARED I’M GOING TO BLOW IT ALL UP….

That was my wake up call—sadly. I blew up my career, lost a hell of a lot of friends, and stirred up the hornets nest. I plunged into the dark night of the soul, and it felt like there was no coming back from it. Which is when my wife said to me words I’ll never forget: “You need to step up and BE THE MAN!” Ouch. But that’s it. I knew what she meant. I had forgotten who I was, what I was about, and where my tribe was. I had lost my sense of courage, strength, mastery and honor. I needed to recover that.

In that journey of healing I discovered that men everywhere are blowing up and burning out, or dying from boredom. And maybe that’s exactly how you feel. You want more out of life than what you’ve experienced so far. You can envision your best life, but it’s distant and remote. Believe me—in my nearly two decades of being an educator, spiritual director, or psychotherapist I’ve seen it all. In my current work as Certified Vocational Specialist, and a Certified CBT Life Coach, I mentor men who want to be more than a statistic—to beat the odds and to be the turn-around artists that becomes the hero in their own story.


There are moments in a man’s life when it seems like everything is changing. They are pivot points where he must choose his direction and discover what he has within him in order to walk that path.

Traditional cultures taught that for a man to truly become himself he had to pass through a crucible, a trial by fire, where he learned exactly what he was made of. Consider this your initiation.

This is an interactive 6 week mentorship package in which you receive direct guidance, daily challenges,and real world applications. There is so much distilled wisdom in this package—as well as financial value—that it’s hard to imagine NOT doing this.

You can start this at any time—there are not specific dates or limitations. However, because of the intensive nature of this mentorship, I only take on up to 10 men at a time. Please check in to see if there’s space for you!

Make the call, and discover what you’re made of!


Tribe is for men who don’t want to wait. They want authentic connection NOW. They aren’t willing to substitute pseudo-community for the real thing. Tribe is an immersive experience unlike any other.

In 8 weeks I help you build a tribe of brothers who you share your world with. This will become a co-hort of companions that you will have for the rest of your life.

Each week we build on the themes from the last until you emerge a cohesive unit.

The best part about this opportunity is that throughout the 8 weeks I pull the curtain back and reveal how to build a tribe in your area, and using the same innovative tools drawn from 20 years of working in and with communities.

This is limited to 12 men at a time. Sign up to guarantee your spot in the next cycle!



You asked for it…and now you have it!

Every Second Tuesday we are staging a Evolving Wild tribal Council. This is a special round table with men across the globe participating in CHANGING THEIR WORLD. This group of men are fierce warriors who are facing down inner demons, turn-around wizards transforming straw into gold, and masters of the moment learning to take their resources to the next level.

  • LIMITED to 29 Men PLUS your host and guide RAINIER WYLDE

  • 90 Minute Stand-Alone RITUAL MEN’S GATHERING

  • Resources,connection, insights, shared-wisdom, and practical guidance

  • New monthly topics EXCLUSIVELY for The Council

  • 60 minute training, 30 minute feedback and group circling.

This is a resource that you need in your life! Sign up in time for the next one taking place!


Get authentic. Imagine. Risk. Be the man you were born to be.